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  • actually Anthony, simplified to Antony, usually Tony, increasingly Tone, alias the blueshawk
  • born 31st October 1949
  • I have rheumatoid arthritis
  • the three best things that have happened to me in no significant order -
    • Phil - my older son
    • Rich - my younger son
    • Pen - my partner
  • I'm committed to several things -
    • the three wonderful people named above
    • greater equality / getting rid of poverty - I pick the easy options eh?
    • music
      • playing
      • listening
        • find out more here
    • proper mental health care, and I mean CARE
    • eliminating the stigma & discrimination attached to mental illness
    • the wonderful people who I count as good friends - I hope they can tell who they are
  • I'm only slightly less committed to -
    • photography
    • webby stuff
    • two cats - Dennis & Sampson
  • I like the Coen Brother's films
    • "The Big Lebowski" is my favourite
  • ...and those made by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
    • "Amelie" is my favourite
  • I like Paul Auster's novels
    • ...and those of E Annie Proulx
      • I also like sci-fi
  • Richard Thompson is my favourite musician
    • but I've got lots of other favourites
  • I like using ... three dots in a row on my webs...
    • I'm sad enough to think it looks good

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Tone opening an exhibition of the work of Arthur Berry at the Burslem School of Art - April 2005


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