middlewich folk festival '08...

We were official photographers at this year's Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival for the 3rd year running. We captured over 1700 decent images - these galleries show some of our favourites.

For more details of the festival and more of our photos, check the official MFAB website....

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All pictures taken on Friday 13th, Saturday 14th or Sunday 15th June 2008

PJ and Peggy - happy chappies!


Noisy Logs working wood


The Churchfitters


Devon Sproule relaxing backstage


Triskele Sword rapper team - looks like hard work to me


Warsaw Village Band percussionist


the fudge boat - these lovely people make and sell great fudge from their canalboat home


the wonderful Hannah James of Kerfuffle


the bells and tankard of Persephone Morris team


Devon Sproule again - on stage she is a captivating presence


teatime - everyone disappears!

Peatbog and frogs - one of the brass section of the Peatbog Faeries waiting in the evening light for their spot

churchfitters - headbanging folk!

Images on this page were taken with Nikon D300 and D80 cameras, Nikkor 70-200mm VR, Nikkor 18-70, Sigma 12-24, lenses and Nikon SB800 flash. Indoor shots were mostly captured at 1600 -3200 ISO without flash. We dislike using flash as it disturbs both performers and audience, and often produces flat, overbright images. Most images taken in the marquee are affected by a yellow/red colour-cast arising from the tent material and the stage lighting although Adobe LightRoom is very effective at removing the worst of this.

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