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asmundur   exciting photography from Iceland - lots of photos here on flickr too
A Walk Through Durham Township    beautiful rural American tones
bavand   very fine photography from Iran - his links also lead to more fine photoblogs
blog.gudbjargarson   Jˇhann Gu­bjargarson from Iceland - amazing pictures - part of our inspiration to go to Iceland payam rajabi from Iran but living in Canada
daily dose of imagery fabulous photos from Sam Javanrouh
daily walks   Diane Varner's magical photos - lots of amazing macro shots - wonderful
 eggplant   from "eggplantwmayo" - who also runs
electrosphere   Patrick's extraordinary photoblog - all black and white images - based in Germany
i am a camera   Daniel Kaspar's impressive photoblog with a compact camera
mute   a great daily photoblog from Miles
pic-a-day   Neil Smith's amazing, amusing photography
pixel this   Nicole Limperopulos' great shutterchance blog - she's from New York andvery keen at urban photography
ramblings of 3   shared photoblog showcasing Grant Lamos, Takaaki Okada and Ed Leveckis
serial photographer   excellent Lincolnshire UK based photographer


atypicalpen   pen's blog
blueshawk   tone's blog - coming to terms with the world
mind-bloggling   portal to a range of blogs created by members of mind-bloggling - challenging the stigma of mental illness & distress
been broken   one man and mental illness - an occasional diary 

other sites

planet sound

  a great community arts organisation in the Potteries
creative stoke creative stuff going on in the Potteries
friends of chatterley whitfield

sticking up for a great English industrial heritage site - lots of pics from Tone

more blueshawk sites

an anorak site about Gibson 'Hawk guitars

sanity fair

challenging the stigma attached to mental illness - including pics by Tone and Pen

rings & things

ź#Blogging Brits? - if you blog in the UK, or are a Brit blogging abroad

  - the anti-portal promoting independent web-sites
  - the ageless project - illustrating that the personal, creative side of the web is diverse and ageless
  - you are free to copy, distribute, display, & perform the work: to make derivative works

  - currently lists 6000+ photoblogs including atypical

pen & tone


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